South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National “Test Case”

While I understand there may be a need to address the years of unfair control by the white population, taking land without compensation is not the answer.  It leads to distrust in the government by all, indicates people have nothing without government permission, and will lead to economic instability.  If the government feels there is truly a need for expropriation of land – they need to offer just compensation.  This also demonstrates that when the black populations obtains land – they will know it is their land and will not be taken by the government at a later date.

The debate about land redistribution in South Africa has been a passionate one, as many South African cities face a housing crunch that has left hundreds of thousands of people living in informal settlements. Just as this debate is starting to reach a fever pitch, one South African city, Ekurhuleni, is about to embark on what mayor Mzwandile Masina calls “a test case” for the nation: the government is going to seize hundreds of acres of land, from white citizens without paying for it, to build low-cost housing.

Source: South Africa City To Begin Confiscating Land From Whites In National “Test Case”

South Africa Seizes First White-Owned Land

‘Zimbabwe-fication’ Begins: Farmers Panic As South Africa Seizes First White-Owned Land

ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe sparked panic last week when he said:

“You shouldn’t own more than 25,000 acres of land. Therefore, if you own more it should be taken without compensation.”

“People who are privileged never give away privilege as a matter of a gift,” he continued.  “And that is why we say, to give you the tools, revisit the constitution so that you have a legal tool to do it.”

Mantashe comments were condemned by both white and black farmers, with unions predicting such a move would lead to job losses and a situation in which South Africa may no longer be able to feed itself.

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Is Britain Backing South Africa’s Land Confiscation

Is Britain Backing South Africa’s Land Confiscations From White Farmers?

In a truly stunning report, Theresa May’s government appears to be backing the Soviet-style policy of “land expropriation without compensation” aimed at dispossessing South Africa’s white farmers.

Breitbart London has seen a letter written by Harriet Baldwin MP, Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), to Sir Paul Beresford MP, who enquired what the government’s stance on the policy was on behalf of a concerned constituent.

“The British government understands the need for land reform in South Africa”, Baldwin asserted, adding that they “welcomed” promises from President Cyril Ramaphosa that “the process of land [re]distribution would be orderly within South African laws” and be carried out “without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security”.

In a follow-up email to the constituent from the Africa Department (Central and Southern) of the FCO, also seen by Breitbart London and confirmed as “reflect[ing] Government policy on this issue” by the FCO newsdesk, the department confirms:

Theresa May is satisfied with having been told that “[the] process would be taken forward on a multi-party basis, through Parliament, and… within the bounds of the Constitution and carefully designed so as to avoid damaging food security or deterring investment”.

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Besides the obvious problem of taking people’s property (which will obviously cause destabilization) and result in mass theft, it as if nobody remembers what happened in Zimbabwe when this was done. We need to quit making scapegoats for our problems and deal honestly with them. Otherwise, destabilization and violence will surely follow.