Quebec Theater Fined In For Actor Lighting Fake Cigarette On Stage

One could imagine a number of things that might draw the attention, if not the ire, of aspiring censors in Quebec in the performance of Conversations avec mon pénis, starting with the woman dressed as a giant penis. However, the $500 fine levied against the theater was for Marc-André Thibault sitting next to the giant penis while he smoked a fake cigarette on stage .

Source: Quebec Theater Fined In For Actor Lighting Fake Cigarette On Stage

Malaysian Minister Calls For Atheists To Be “Hunted Down”

Malaysian Minister Shahidan Kassim has made international news by proclaiming that atheists should be “hunted down” and that constitutional rights do not apply to them . He is not alone in the heavily Islamic nation in this hateful view and many support such a crackdown.

Source: Malaysian Minister Calls For Atheists To Be “Hunted Down”

How Freedom Made Us Rich

“In [1492], if you were going to bet on who was going to have a ‘Great Enrichment,'” says University of Illinois at Chicago economist Deirdre McCloskey, “you would have been crazy not to bet on China because China had the most advanced commercial institutions, the most advanced ship building technology, [and] the most advanced machinery all together.” But it didn’t work out that way. “My claim,” McCloskey says, “is that liberty was the key to modern economic growth.” In her new book, Bourgeois Equality: How Ideas, Not Capital or Institutions, Enriched the World , the third volume in a trilogy , McCloskey argues that our vast accumulation of wealth over the past two hundred years— which she’s dubbed “The Great Enrichment”—was the result of “massively better ideas in technology and institutions.” Where did they arise from?

Source: How Freedom Made Us Rich