Chinese economists say Big Data can replace markets in planned economies

In a paper in the World Review of Political Economy , economists from Sichuan University propose a model for an efficient planned economy that uses a hybrid of managed, two-sided “platform” markets (modeled on Ebay, Alibaba and various app stores) and central planning informed by machine learning and big data to fairly and efficiently regulate production in a system in which all substantial assets are owned by the state. (moreā€¦)

Source: Chinese economists say Big Data can replace markets in planned economies

Communism Most Cruel: New at Reason

Communism’s death toll overshadows other contemporary human cruelty. Marian Tupy writes: Writing in the Richmond Times-Dispatch , A. Barton Hinkle remembers “A century of ghastly communist sadism,” which started when a relatively small number of Bolshevik anarchists led by Vladimir Lenin managed to overthrow the Russian government of Alexander Kerensky in November 1917.

Source: Communism Most Cruel: New at Reason

A Century of Ghastly Communist Sadism

“Let there be floods of blood,” declared Krasnaia gazeta, the official newspaper of the Red Army in 1918. From the enemies of the revolution, there should be “more blood, as much as possible.” A few months before, the Bolsheviks had seized power from the provisional government that had been installed in the final days of Russia’s Romanov dynasty.

Source: A Century of Ghastly Communist Sadism

New York Mayor to Property Owners: Drop Dead

It shouldn’t come as surprise that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who campaigned on fighting income inequality and wants to tax the rich to pay for public transit improvements , has a fairly dim view of private property rights. But “dim” is apparently a bit of an understatement.

Source: New York Mayor to Property Owners: Drop Dead

Life Under Communism Was No Liberation For Women

Over the last few months, The New York Times has published a number of warm and nostalgic recollections of communism. Authors have opined about the supposed optimism , idealism and moral authority of communism. Perhaps the most bizarre article so far claimed that women behind the Iron Curtain enjoyed greater sexual satisfaction and more independence than their Western counterparts (except, of course, when it came to freedom of thought, speech, religion, association or movement).

Source: Life Under Communism Was No Liberation For Women