May 12 Tidbits

I came across a couple of interesting things today.

Here is a county map of wet, moist (combo) and dry counties in the US. While Texas and Michigan seem to be predominantly moist, I think that Arkansas has the most dry counties.


Here is a map showing common states voting patterns since 1960. To me the most interesting things on this map are Illinois and New Jersey being together and especially California and Vermont. You would think Vermont and California would have almost nothing in common. The other “voting blocs” are adjoining which is what I would expect.


Finally, this headline from a New York Times article was very interesting to me. The fact that 6,580 people applied for 95 affordable apartments is just astounding. What is even more astounding is that rather than loosen regulations to encourage the building of more affordable housing the state is trying to allow further rent control which will only make the housing problems worse. It’s just crazy that the state doesn’t pass housing reform to encourage the building of more housing.


Here is the average housing rental costs in San Francisco:

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.30.14 PM

Government Almost Killed the Cocktail

I’m not sure this is a fair headline as I can’t blame government when it was the population that passed prohibition.  At any rate….this is a good article on the effects our current decisions have on the future.

The classic “old fashioned” is the simplest of cocktails—sugar, bitters, and whiskey, stirred over ice, then served on the rocks with a citrus rind—and also, possibly, the best. Thanks to the federal government, we almost lost it forever.

Source: Government Almost Killed the Cocktail

I’m with the Mormons on this one — how about you?

One in eight American adults are alcoholics . Here are some more details: The article by Grant et al describes substantial increases in alcohol use and related problematic behaviors that occurred between the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions evaluations in 2001-2002 and in 2012-2013.

Source: I’m with the Mormons on this one — how about you?