Suicidal Vet Calls MDMA Treatment ‘a Miracle’

Suicidal Vet Calls MDMA Treatment ‘a Miracle’
He suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after the Iraq War. Thanks to MDMA, Jonathan Lubecky finally feels like he’s recovering.

08.16.18 5:12 AM ET
Jonathan Lubecky is a 41-year-old veteran who, until a few years ago, suffered from a severe form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Lubecky attempted suicide five times after he was discharged from the Army in 2009.

“My unit there knew there was something off with me while I was deployed, but it didn’t really become noticeable to me until after I got home. That’s when I started having a lot of problems,” Lubecky told The Daily Beast. “My first suicide attempt was on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning in 2006—right after I got back.”

Lubecky felt hopeless, so the drug he credits for saving his life might come as a surprise: MDMA, the purest form of the club drug often referred to as ecstasy, or molly.
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