Saudi Arabia Crucifies Man While Decrying Canada’s Human Rights

Saudi Arabia Crucifies Man In Mecca While Decrying Canada’s Human Rights
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Saudi Arabia has executed a man by crucifixion inside Mecca, considered Islam’s holiest city, Bloomberg reports. It was carried out Wednesday, during the same week a Saudi spat with Canada over human rights criticisms has dramatically escalated into a full-blown diplomatic and economic war.

Ironically the crucifixion was carried out a day after Saudi-owned media began calling out Canada’s human rights record through a series of bizarre videos aired on state channels, in response to Canada’s own initial criticism of the kingdom’s detention of activists.

Image source: Reuters

The crucifixion sentence, considered the kingdom’s most brutal method of capital punishment, is typically reserved for the most egregious of crimes in this case a Myanmar man was convicted of breaking into a woman’s home, threatening her with a gun, and subsequently murdering her by repeated stabbing. Other charges the immigrant faced ranged from theft of weapons to separate instances of attempted rape and murder, including in a separate home invasion charge.

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